Freshly roasted Tim Adams coffee


Scandic Café

We are a coffee shop located in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast.
We’ve got top of the line Tim Adam's Coffee and the best "Kladdkaka" on the Coast.



Here is our most wanteds, please click the icons for full menu.



Tim Adams Specialty coffee – Single origin or our House blend The Doctor $3.8/$4.8 /$5.5
Zoegas – Swedish brew coffee $4.2
Iced Latte – just that – Ice + latte $5
Ice Coffee – Ice cream, espresso, milk $6.50


Other Drinks

Chai latte $3.8/ $4.8
Hot chocolate $4.8
Teadrop flavours served in teapot $3.8
Milkshakes $6.9
Frappes $7
Elderflower/ Black currant “Saft” $4.5
Fresh Juices / Smoothies $7.8


Danish “Smørrebrød”

Open style sandwiches on organic rye bread
– The Scandinavian diet, Get on it!
Topped with your choice from the menu.


Norwegian Crepes 8am – 2pm

Savoury – Two crepes served with a side salad
Chicken $14
avocado, sour cream and baby spinach


Mushrooms $14
Feta, thyme and baby spinach


“Skagen” $15
Prawns, egg, mayo, dill and lemon


Salmon $15
Norwegian smoked salmon, sour cream, baby spinach


Meatball Monday

– Every Monday 11.30am -2pm
Served in the traditional way with home made mash, creamy gravy, lingonberries and pickles



–  a concept in Swedish culture with the basic meaning “to have a break and grab a coffee”
“Kladdkaka” – Sticky, gooey chocolate cake served with whipped cream.


Sweet crepes

Nutella and banana $10
Brown cheese *Norwegian caramelised goats cheese, and jam $11
Lemon and sugar $10
"Fika is an almost sacred part of normal Swedish life, a virtual institution"

Our Story

A Scandinavian Inspiration!

So who are we?

A couple from two sides off the world that decided to go live the dream on the Sunshine Coast =)

Sanna grew up in the small town of Helsingborg, southern Sweden. With a Danish heritage and extended family throughout Norway, the recipes has been passed down through generations. Later studied and worked as a sommelier she worked in top restaurants around the world, always with the dream of opening her own cafe.

You will find Richie behind the coffee machine, he left the Electrician career behind to make you a mean cup of coffee.  I would not be surprised if he remembers your name and order the second time you walk through our doors!

We hope you enjoy the flavours and recipes from the other side of the world as much as we do!


Our Food

Our food is inspired by the Scandinavian cuisine, browse some short information below.

Danish Cuisine
Norwegian Cuisine
Swedish Cuisine

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