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Gothenburg old harbour  "Klippan" in Sweden

The Swedish Cuisine is famous for its regional differences. In the north you get the lakes, rivers and mountains and in the south the rich soil and open fields. Traditionally all food that was produced in summer had to be stored and preserved over the long winter often with the method of pickling or salting.
Here at Scandic Cafe we source local produce where possible, and preserve in house.

Smörgåsbord, the now worldwide term for a buffet comes from Sweden. A Feast normally served around Christmas, Easter and Midsommar. A display of everything from cold cut meats to slowroasts and Sweets.

Fika, For most Swedes this is a weekly if not daily habit. its a Verb for “going out for a coffee”. So call your friends and take a Fika at Scandic cafe!

Kafferep One of the most common styles of formal entertaining across the Scandinavian peninsula today is hosting a late-afternoon “coffee table.” A happy medium between the famous smörgåsbord and Fika. The coffee table allows friends to gather to celebrate special events such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. Similar to the tradition of high tea, coffee parties offer an abundant selection of cakes, cookies, and sweet breads to enjoy along with one’s beverage. Come join us for a coffee and sample our Scandinavian treats.


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