November 6, 2013 SCANDIC CAFE



The history of the Danish kitchen was based on the need to make use of natural produce available in season on the family farm. Potatoes, bread and salted pork where eaten in every household.

Rye was and in many ways still is the staple of the danish diet. Over the centuries, sausages, which could be kept for a long period of time, was together with rye bread the development of Smørrebrød. Once in every working mans lunchbox, these open sandwiches with hundreds of different toppings are today served as gourmet dishes in   top class restaurants around the world. The first restaurant in Copenhagen to specialize in smørrebrød was established as early as 1880. 

Another famous dish is Flæskesteg, roasted pork always with the crackling. Oftern served with red cabbage, potatoes and gravy. At Scandic Cafe we have made a less heavy option in our Danish burger, slices of roasted pork, red cabbage and home made danish remoulade.